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Online Lash & Brow competition 2021

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Competition rules



Junior – anyone who has up to 1 year of experience (certificate to proove it is required).

Master – anyone who has 1-3 years of experience (certificate to proove it is required).

Professional – anyone who has 3 and more years of experience (certificate to proove it is required).

Trainer – anyone who is providing training

***Please note! If you won an award in your category in the past – you will move one level up. This only applies for live competition awards. Online competition awards will not count and you stay in the same level as you applied.

Judging criteria

Your work photos


Our Judges & Sponsors

Become a Judge

Always dremt about becoming a judge and try yourself in another level?

Don’t wait any longer, your chance is here!

Contact us to find out how to join our judges panel info@www.lashharmony.co.uk

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