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Our courses cover multiple locations with fully qualified and dedicated multilingual trainers. To get a quick preview about all our trainers simply click on the links below their profiles.

Please contact them directly to book a course.


Inesa Svetkina (Peterborough)

Inesa is a proven expert in the beauty industry, as evidenced by over ten years of work experience and teaching beauty since 2014. Based on her massive knowledge she created teaching programme fulfilled with in-depth information which provides professional training for Beginners and Advanced lash artists. Inesa is a gentle soul who has a huge love and passion for her work and is surrounded by people who follow their own heart, people who spread good energy to her.

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This let her build a strong friendly team who she can rely on and who help build a strong professional brand.

Inesa’s dedication and love for her work led to the biggest Lash events organizers inviting her to share her knowledge at conferences and teach lashes overseas. She was the first international trainer to bring the Russian volume masterclass to Brazil back in 2016 and to introduce her Wispy look technique at the Hollywood conference.

The Academy has also joined Nesta’s beauty academy from 2023 to provide bespoke Permanent make up training for Brows and Lips.

With over 10 years of experience, she can be proud of the following awards:

  • 1st place in ‘Volume’ category, Global Lash Summit 2015, London
  • 2nd place award in  ‘Double Volume’ category expert level, Lash Battle 2015, London
  • 3rd place award in  ‘3D and more’ category expert level, European Lash 2015, Cracow/Poland
  • “Best Luxury Volume” award from Luxury Lashes Moscow, European Lash 2015, Cracow/Poland
  • 3rd place winner in the photo competition, Lash Flash 2015
  • 3rd place “The Lash Games”, United Kingdom/London 2021
  • “The Lash Games” special Award from “Artistic Fur”, London 2021


  • “Pelene”, Lithuania/Vilnius, 2016
  • “Lash Premium WLP 2016”, Russia/Voronezh, 2016
  • “Beauty look”, Uzbekistan/Tashkent,  2016
  • “Swedish Masters”, Sweden, 2017
  • “Lash Lovers”, Hungary/Budapest,  2017
  • “Lash art vision” online competition Ukraine, 2017
  •  “Kaunas Beauty “, Lithuania/Kaunas,  2018
  • “Sculptor Lash”, Ukraine/Kiev,  2018
  • “Celtic Baltic” Lithuania, Kaunas 2018
  • “Lash Agora” Austria/Vienna, 2019
  • “Oscars” online competition 2020
  • “Lash Strip art contest” online competition 2020
  • “Black Swan” online competition 2020
  • “Artistic lash” online competition 2020
  • “Lash global 1” online competition, 2021
  • “Black Panther” online competition 2021
  • “Diamond world lash cup”, online competition 2021
  • “Tricky lashes” onlone competition 2021
  • “Lash global 2” online competition, 2022
  • “Lash Global 3” online competition, 2022
  • “Classic charm”, online competition, 2022
  • “Lash & Brow Scotland”, online competition, 2021 & 2022
  • “Voga Lashes” Online competition Brazil, 2022

Kristina Salkauske (Nottingham)

Kristina started working in the beauty industry in 2015. After completing the first lash courses in 2017, it did not stop there. She constantly improving her knowledge with the best Masters in Europe and beyond. Since 2020, Kristina has been participating in international championships as a Judge. She has been working as lash lifting trainer in Nottingham, UK for 3 years. And now she enjoys the opportunity to be part of the Lash Harmony team as an eyelash extension trainer.

Email: divainadiva@yahoo.com

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Maritana Sterlina (Northampton)

Maritana Sterlina worked in the beauty industry since 2014 Enhancing her skills in the lash extensions world in 2015 it has been her passion ever since. Always looking for new ways, techniques, products and paid attention to what is the best in the industry. Therefore in 2021 she was determined to become one of the trainers of our academy to help students become successful and confident in their lash journey.

Contacts: maritana.sterlina@gmail.com

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Asta Lukosiuniene (Barnsley)

Asta Lukosiuniene is a dedicated lash technician with a passion for enhancing beauty through lashes. Since 2019, she has been polishing her skills in the art of lash extensions, consistently striving for excellence. Asta have been recognized as an award winner in this field. Beyond being a lash technician, we are now proudly can call her one of our qualified trainers in Barnsley location. Asta quotes “For me, lashes aren’t just a profession—they’re a true passion that I’m excited to share with the world.”

Email: asta.zvinklyte@gmail.com

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Simona Striaukiene (Northern Ireland)

Simona is the owner of Lush Lashes Dungannon, and has been highly motivated and experienced in working in the beauty industry for the last 6 years. She was inspired to become an eyelash technician after completing her first course in 2012, and since then she has always wanted to become a trainer herself.  Simona wants to help motivate and encourage other individuals to follow their aspirations of becoming lash technicians themselves.

 Email: Simonalinkyte@ymail.com

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Lijana Siniskeviciute (Panevėžys)

Lijana is an eyelash extensions expert i Lithuania – Panevezys. She began her journey in 2011 and has since then attended various training days and lash conferences. In 2017 she won her first place award at Jurmala lash competition (Latvia).

Lijana loves being a part of the lash -tech world and would love to share this passion with her students.

Email: lijana.lashes@gmail.com

Sonata Simonovice (Mažeikiai)

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