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Train in Nottingham with Kristina Salkauske.

The comprehensive courses consists of both theory and practical sessions with the opportunity to practice your newfound skills on live models. Assessment is carried out by the trainer throughout the day who will teach you all the tricks of the trade.

email Kristina for more information


“The Secret boutique”, 7 Victoria road, Nottingham NG4 2LA

Price (kit included):

Classic Lashes – £350

Volume for Beginners – £575

  1. Pay a non-refundable £50 deposit to secure your place on the course. Please note the deposit is non refundable if you decide to not attend.
  2. Remaining balance must be paid on the day before the course.

Everyone is welcome to attend this course.


This is very intensive course involving concentration on close objects for long period of time. If you have poor eyesight you may find it very difficult to continue with the treatment.


You need to arrange your live model for practice.

Classic lashes – from 4pm

Volume for Beginners  – on day 2 from 10 am


You will be issued course completion certificate on the day of the course.

Course duration:

Classic Lashes

10 am – 7 pm

Volume for Beginners

Day 1:  10 am – 5:30 pm

Day 2: 10 am – 3 pm

Training  programme:

Classic lashes

  1. Health and safety & hygiene
  2. Workspace preparation & tool disinfection
  3. Eyelash extensions products
  4. Client consultation process and procedure
  5. Contraindications
  6. Lash related allergies and patch test
  7. Legal responsibilities & requirements
  8. Eye & lash anatomy
  9. Lash growing cycles
  10. Lash extensions maintenance
  11. Classic lashes application Step by Step
  12. Lash types, curls, thicknesses & lengths
  13. Working with damaged lashes
  14. Lash Mapping and Eye modeling
  15. Video and live demonstrations
  16. Tips for Marketing your business
  17. Pricing advice
  18. Client aftercare

Volume for Beginners

  • Health and safety & hygiene
  • Workspace preparation & tool disinfection
  • Eyelash extensions products
  • Client consultation process and procedure
  • Contraindications
  • Lash related allergies and patch test
  • Legal responsibilities & requirements
  • Eye & lash anatomy
  • Lash growing cycles
  • Lash extensions maintenance
  • Lash types, curls, thicknesses & lengths
  • Difference between Classis lashes and Volume lashes
  • Correct 2D fan
  • Correct lash thickness for 2d volume
  • Stacking technique for 2 D volume
  • How to create feathering and layering effects
  • Working with damaged lashes
  • Lash Mapping and Eye modeling
  • Video and live demonstrations
  • Tips for marketing your business
  • Pricing advice
  • Client aftercare


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