VITAE BROW Fixing Lotion ( step 2 )

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The eyebrow lamination procedure solves the problem of hair growth in different directions and gives the desired shape of the eyebrows.

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Vitae Brow Fixing lotion step 2 is a continuous line product after Brow Lamination lotion step 1, which performs the neutralization function after the first product, captures the desired and prepared eyebrow straightening direction and shape.

Vitae Brow Fixing lotion step 2 is used ONLY in combination with other products in the Vitae Brow line (step 1 and step 3). This ensures the quality of the procedure as well as the undoubted quality and proven result.


The product is sufficient for approximately 30 procedures.

For professional use ONLY.

Wear gloves during the procedure.


Product instructions:

1.VITAE BROW Fixing lotion step 2 lubrication

Squeeze a small amount of Brow Fixing Lotion out of the package and apply a thin layer on the eyebrows, covering all eyebrow hairs. Hold for 4-7 minutes.

Strong, strong, thick hair – 6-7 min

Medium hair – 5 min

Weak, thin hair – 4 min

2. Wipe DRY in the direction of hair growth.

Product volume: 5ml

Shelf life once opened: 6 months


Country of origin: Sweden

Responsible party: InBorn Beauty AB

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